Letter to the editor: Reflections on July 4, 2021

About the 4th

I take the 5th

Because of the 6th


Yet on 2nd thought

Perhaps I ought

Declare the blame

And name the names


Who tweeted the tweets

Who took to the streets

Riled. Defiled. Went totally wild

Who fueled the schism

As patriotism

Who left for Cancun

Who kept changing their tune

Found no need for inspection

Of insurrection


Once lambs to the slaughter

Wouldn’t do what they oughta

Hiding on Senate floor

Elephants memory now ignore

Till Election Day lets them know

Which way the wind will blow


The embers get stoked

By the mantle and yoke

Of fear and false pride

And no place left to hide

Behind every last shout

“Will change lock me out”?


But we all will go on

Anon and anon

White knuckled or not

It’s part of life’s plot


So “we go round and round in the circle of time”

A ‘work in progress’ the mountain we climb



Paula Nath

East Middlebury

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