Podcasters trumpet the splendors of Orwell

What do you get when you put two middle-aged Orwellians in a closet with a microphone? Why, a podcast of course!

Local podcast reveals artistic mentors’ insights

Alright, everyone, it’s time to shake off 2020 and jump into 2021 with ambition. But it’s cold and COVID’s still out there… yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. But try this on for size — you can motivate by simply plugging in your new AirPods and listening to Capi … (read more)

Podcast: Young adults expand their world views in a Parent Child Center class

MIDDLEBURY — “To look at Farhad, if you would know this Vermont Muslim, you must look at him long.” So begins a poem by Morgan Edgerly, an 18-year-old Addison County resident, about Middlebury Selectman and business owner Farhad Khan. Edgerly is a partici … (read more)