Letter to the editor: School closure petition flawed

I believe some clarification is in order to anyone that signed, or is considering voting in favor of, the petition made by Save Our Schools to the Addison Central School District regarding school board composition and school consolidation procedures. It bears noting at the outset that every town in the district already agreed to its existing terms when unification was voted in the first place, so this petition constitutes an ex post facto renegotiation. Both parts of the petition are problematic, but the pa … (read more)

Letter to the editor: ANWSD petition effort could undermine best interest of students

According to the Dec. 9 issue of the Addison Independent, residents of Addison, Panton, Vergennes, Waltham and Ferrisburgh are being asked to sign a petition to change the Addison Northwest School District (ANWSD) articles of agreement to read “school rec … (read more)

Some ANWSD residents seek charter change

VERGENNES — Less than a month after voters in Addison and Ferrisburgh defeated a proposal by the Addison Northwest School District to close Addison Central School (ACS) and Ferrisburgh Central School (FCS), a citizens group has launched a campaign to amen … (read more)