Addison ballot hits snafu with misprint

The five-member Addison selectboard has pointed to a misprint in Addison’s 2022 town report as the issue behind the board’s decision to juggle selectboard term lengths on the town’s March 5 ballot. 

Briggs eyes Senate seat, emphasizes ‘personal responsibility’

ADDISON — Peter Briggs is only 30, but already a veteran of the Addison County elections circuit. And while he’s yet to capture a seat in the Legislature, he’s garnered respectable vote totals in all three of the elections in which he’s competed. He hopes … (read more)

Key stretch of Lewis Creek land is now conserved

STARKSBORO — Land along 1.5 miles of Lewis Creek, which flows through Starksboro farmland owned by Peter Briggs, has been protected for clean water. Briggs worked with the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation ( … (read more)