Pet of the Week: Cara

Cara is a future guide dog being raised for Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB) by Beth and Dennis Smith in Middlebury.

Pet of the week: It’sss Bobby!

Bobby is an albino Burmese python, and he is very, very big because I took very good care of him by feeding him well.

Pet of the Week: Maverick “Little Ricky”

Meet this week’s featured pet!

Pet of the week: Otto

Otto is our class pet!

Pets of the Week: Meet Bub & Luna

They live in Shoreham and enjoy being outside, going for walks and being with people.

Pet of the week: Sequoia

Our mending hearts remember our Trudy Muffin as we watch you rediscover toys she abandoned in her old age and frolic and play as she used to do.

Pet of the week: Shadow

Shadow is a 4-year-old calico. She loves to show off her sleeping skills.

Pet of the Week: Bao Bing

I’m nine months old but you wouldn’t know it to look at me!

Pet of the week: Ralph

Ralph has accompanied me through all kinds of weather on a daily walk around our pond.

Pet of the Week: Blue

She has quickly made it known here who is in charge in our new Bristol neighborhood.

Pet of the Week: Shiloh

Meet the Pet of the Week!

Pets of the week: Pepe & Scooter

Pepe and Scooter, of Middlebury, are the pets of Tom Klemmer and Beth Stanway.

Pet of the week: Meet Skippy!

Skippy is a 2 year-old, 70-pound hound mix who is carrying a little extra winter weight and that’s okay because he loves to exercise and play!

Pets of the week: Lemon & Maple

Clara Crowley, 10, of Vergennes, holds her chickens Lemon (a buff Orpington in the red hat) and Maple (a calico princess in the purple hat) on a sunny spring afternoon.

Pet of the week: Finn

This is Finley, Finn for short. He is a 5.5 year old Australian Shepherd.