Pets of the week: Pepe & Scooter

Pepe and Scooter, of Middlebury, are the pets of Tom Klemmer and Beth Stanway.

Pet of the week: Meet Skippy!

Skippy is a 2 year-old, 70-pound hound mix who is carrying a little extra winter weight and that’s okay because he loves to exercise and play!

Pets of the week: Lemon & Maple

Clara Crowley, 10, of Vergennes, holds her chickens Lemon (a buff Orpington in the red hat) and Maple (a calico princess in the purple hat) on a sunny spring afternoon.

Pet of the week: Finn

This is Finley, Finn for short. He is a 5.5 year old Australian Shepherd.

Pet of the week: Lucky Man

Lucky Man is the world’s best cat.

Pet of the week: Merlin

He not only helps with puzzles — including knocking pieces off the table, but he seems to always want to read the Addy Indy when I do and sits right in the middle of the pages.

Pet of the Week: Ice Wing

This is Ice Wing. He is a Bantum Rooster.

Pets of the Week: Jacks are Wild

This is my trio, also known as Jacks are Wild. They are my dearest pals, pets and show team.

Pet of the week: Meet Kythira

This feline is retired. Get to know her.

Pet of the Week: Monty

Monty is a home grown Labradoodle born in Wallingford. He is 12 and a half years old.

Pet of the week: Huckleberry

This is my dog Huckleberry he is 2 years old and loves to use his brain and body for at-home agility.

Pet of the week: Arlo

We adopted Arlo from Homeward Bound in early December and immediately fell in love.

Pet of the week: Indy

Indy is a happy Golden boy who settled into our family immediately when we brought him home in April 2020.

Pet of the week: Morton

Meet Morton. This super-cute black and white cat is always ready for a picture or a big cuddle. Morton loves to be at the center of anything going on and is often caught spying out the window at the neighbors. In the evenings, he is ready to settle in wit … (read more)

Pet of the week: Lulu

Lulu is a sweet black cat who is 11 years old and loves bouncy balls. She enjoys sunbeams, visitors, yarn, and cell phone chargers. She also enjoys small bug hunting and sleeping on pillows. She hates dogs, and is afraid of thunder and lightning. She love … (read more)