Paid family leave seen as draw for workers

It’s a new biennium, but a return to a familiar battle for Rep. Robin Scheu.

Scott signs pact for family leave

Three years after Gov. Phil Scott first signed a contract with state employees that would provide them with paid family and medical leave and anchor a voluntary program for other employers in Vermont, the Republican governor has announced that his adminis … (read more)

Editorial: Is Scott’s paid family leave plan business friendly?

Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s announcement to launch a paid leave program for state employees is a cynical, political move that has sparked deserved criticism.

Inconsistencies in leave policies put employees at risk

Without a comprehensive, statewide universal paid leave policy, inconsistencies in policies among different Vermont employers leave employees to advocate for themselves. In Vermont, activists and state representatives said they hope to change that situati … (read more)

Legislators: Vetoes hurt Vermont affordability

MIDDLEBURY — Local lawmakers on Monday warned that Gov. Phil Scott’s recent veto of bills aimed at increasing the minimum wage and creating a paid family leave program will make it harder to accomplish one of his top priorities: Attracting and retaining m … (read more)

Robin Scheu: Dems support paid family leave

Democrats have long been the champions of working families, women and children. We believe in a Vermont where our families and communities can thrive and where the Vermont dream is accessible to everyone — not just a select few. When we rewrite the rules … (read more)