Sarit Katzew: Israel Hamas war touches all Jews

I don’t know a single Jewish person who doesn’t know someone directly impacted by the war. Whether you’re religiously observant or secular, Zionist or not, Jews are connected to Israel in some way.

Rejuvenating the Peace Corps: A View from the Field

The Peace Corps was a great idea 60 years ago, but it could be more effective if policies were updated for the way people live today.

Victor Nuovo: Explaining Skepticism

16th in a series The terms skeptic and skeptical are commonplace in our ordinary discourse, so one might think that they hardly require definition. A skeptic is a doubter, and “skeptical” denotes an attitude of mind to doubt things in general. VICTOR NUOV … (read more)

Letter to the editor: A poetic look at the recent, flood-driven challenges

I have no right to complain I have no right to rage about the rain trickling into my dry cellar floor when houses ransacked by the flood, the floorboards, couches caked in mud, appliances, albums, heirlooms loved all heaped in piles outdoors remind me tha … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Homelessness comes into focus

I traveled to Washington, D.C., last year. When I arrived with my little vacation suitcase and emerged from the Metro, I encountered a sight which took my breath away.

Editorial: A national ‘budgeting problem’

In the national debt ceiling battle, the public’s understanding of the issue is essential if the country is to find a resolution before Republicans sabotage the economy.

Jessie Raymond: A non-athlete finds her game

In daily life, I hide my awkwardness well enough. But I have to be honest: I can barely swing my arms properly when I walk without whispering “left, right, left, right.”

Climate Matters: Food justice and climate resiliency

What do food justice and climate resiliency actually look like? Few can deny that one of Vermont’s best attributes is its commitment to locally grown food. 

Opinion: Vermont can invest in its future

This week’s writer is Lindsay Kurrle, secretary of the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development.It’s easy to look back over the last 18 months and see all of the ways that COVID has set us back: from shuttered businesses, to the thousands of V … (read more)

Opinion: Local climate solution built on climate mistake

Jeff Howarth is Associate Professor of Geography at Middlebury College. I am a geographer who enjoys looking at maps and air photos to see how places have changed in the past as a way of thinking about how they could change in the future. One of the maps … (read more)

Opinion: Dairy farms fight climate change

This week’s writer is Marie Audet of Blue Spruce Farm in Bridport, founding member of the Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our lives. We are all suffering on so many levels, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead tak … (read more)

Opinion: UWAC is committed to diversity

This week’s writer is Helena Van Voorst, executive director of the United Way of Addison County. This originally appeared in a UWAC newsletter. UWAC’s mission to “mobilize the generosity and compassion of individuals and organizations in Addison County to … (read more)

Opinion: The right action at the right time

Over the weekend there were heroic rescues of those in distress. One came in the form of breaking a door down for someone having a diabetic seizure. This had potentially fatal results and it ended with life instead. This was accomplished because a CVOEO a … (read more)

Opinion: Four ideas for relief funding

This week’s writers are Paul A. Cillo, President, Public Assets Institute; Jeff Fannon, Executive Director, Vermont NEA; Michelle Fay, Executive Director, Voices for Vermont’s Children; Matt Levin, Executive Director, Vermont Early Childhood Advocacy Alli … (read more)

Midd Police Chief Hanley: Rein in this culture of bigotry

“Black Lives Matter” — of course they do. But this is more than a slogan to be tucked away until yet another tragedy occurs, where we get a sense that in some minds black lives do not matter. And with that I condemn those rogue police officers who belie t … (read more)