Letter to the editor: New rules bad for rural schools

I’ve just heard that members of the House Education Committee are trying to sneak anti-small school rules into a larger bill dealing with union and supervisory school district structure.

Letter to the editor: Doria, McCallum are wise, effective

Having current parents on the board is important because they feel how the board’s opinions affect their kids’ everyday lives.

Letter to the editor: McCallum, Doria have students’ interests at heart

In the ACSD, each town has at least one representative on the school board. You might ask, “Why are there a specific number of seats allocated to each town if we vote for them all district-wide?

Online felt exhibit features local artists

Yes, galleries are mostly open again for in-person visitors, but don’t forget you can still see lots of exhibits online too. Like, for example, Brandon artists Nora Swan and Samantha Stone, and Middlebury artist Danielle Gori-Montanelli are part of a fibe … (read more)