Treasures abound at THT’s flea market

Elves, of a sort, have been bustling around Town Hall Theater transforming it into a wonderland of antiques, crafts and collectibles. On Saturday, Sept. 14, they will open the stately building at the top of Middlebury’s Merchants Row to the public for the 10th annual Fabulous Flea Market — a fundraiser that helps maintain the 135-year-old structure and supports the myriad arts activities it hosts. Organizers say there will be a wide range of items including: kids toys and games, kitchen gadgets and small ap … (read more)

MNFF film shows an assault on abortion rights

MIDDLEBURY — People in some groups opposed to abortion are targeting clinics that provide the procedure, even shooting and killing doctors and activists who promote a woman’s right to choose to continue a pregnancy. Dr. Colleen McNicholas, the sole remain … (read more)

Sofia Hirsch: Life as a pro violinist in Vermont

A small, three-year-old girl in Ontario grinds her bow across all four strings. She coaxes out an imperfect G major scale in whole notes, her very first feat on her very first violin. These were the humble beginnings of professional violinist Sofia Hirsch … (read more)

Clippings by Nora Peachin: Fighting for the local food system

When I was applying to colleges, I spent a good amount of time poking around on different institutions’ websites. Scrolling through Middlebury College’s newsfeed, I stumbled upon a video about a student-run nonprofit — Middlebury Foods. The video opened w … (read more)

Higher education seeing a shifting tide

MIDDLEBURY — Higher education opportunities like apprenticeships and community college are on the rise in Vermont, a state where 92 percent of students graduate from high school but only 37 percent of people aged 25 years or older have a bachelor’s degree … (read more)

Vt. Adult Learning helps many overcome challenges

MIDDLEBURY — In the search for appropriate pathways to higher education, some individuals may have emotional or abuse challenges, including anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, or learning disabilities, to name only a few. While difficult, there are options. C … (read more)

Plan seeks to stop unintended pregnancies in Vermont

Emergency contraception causes infertility. You can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding. Non-hormonal intrauterine devices cause blood clots. These are only a part of the misinformation women’s health care providers have been fighting for decades — misinfo … (read more)

Field Days barbecue couple brings a backstory

On a hot summer day at Addison County Fair and Field Days, John Baker got down on one knee on the back stoop of his barbeque stand and proposed to his partner, Judy. Fast-forward 15 years, and the (now-married) couple is still serving up barbeque out of t … (read more)

Farmers-to-be learn the value of work during Field Days prep

A gang of four middle-school-age boys climb the antique tractors sitting next to the Tac-O’ the Town truck, laughing and discussing tomorrow’s 4-H competition. It will be Avery Carl’s first year participating. The friends decide to head over to the barn, … (read more)

Maple in every form is a family specialty at Field Days Sugarhouse

The sweet smell of maple syrup wafting across the fairground draws people from all over to the Addison County Maple Sugarmakers’ sugarhouse, where Andrew Rainville is tempting customers with maple cotton candy, cookies, milk, doughnuts, bread, creemees, s … (read more)

Keeping our farming roots alive at Field Days

NEW HAVEN — Everywhere you look at the Addison County Fair and Field Days, you see tractors — lined up by the demo derby arena, sprinkled about behind the antique equipment building. Seven of them belong to Phyllis and Bob Bowdish, owners of Weybridge Far … (read more)

Country stores: A Vermont tradition

ADDISON COUNTY — We, two Middlebury College students, set off on a mission: 16 country stores, 408 miles, one week. Our wild, cross-county expedition was motivated by a slew of questions: Why have multiple Vermont country stores closed across the state in … (read more)

Video: Our Country Stores Over the last decade, Vermont has lost many of its small country stores. The Addison Independent visited some that remain to find out what makes them special — and how they are evolving. Read more in our a … (read more)

A look at the lives of country store owners

Caroline Kapp and Nora Peachin visited many of Vermont’s country, general and village stores to find out what makes them special — and how they are evolving. Read their companion article here. ADDISON FOUR CORNERS STORE ADDISON — The Addison Four Corners … (read more)

Childcare aid increases for low-income families

MONTPELIER — As of Sunday, July 21, childcare subsidies for low-income families in Vermont have increased. This past legislative session, the Legislature added $7.4 million to the Department for Children and Families’ Child Care Financial Assistance Progr … (read more)