Split DRB decisions for Midd landlord

The Middlebury Development Review Board (DRB) has agreed with the town’s planning and zoning department that landlord Richard Tinsley shouldn’t be allowed to use a detached garage/barn at 53 North Pleasant St. as a “recreation room,” but that he should be allowed to build a gazebo at his 13 Washington St. Ext property.

Middlebury DRB to hear student housing appeals

The DRB on Aug. 28 is scheduled to hear an appeal of a permit that the town’s planning & zoning office had issued to Richard Tinsley on July 19  to install a 12-foot-by-16-foot gazebo in the backyard of his 13 Washington St. Ext. property.

Middlebury noise law enacted

The Middlebury selectboard on Tuesday unanimously approved changes to the town’s noise ordinance that will require loud revelers to tone down their activities two hours earlier on Friday and Saturday nights.

Letter to the editor: College fighting noise ordinance

Come to the Jan. 24th meeting, don’t let the selectboard acquiesce to the College’s desires like they did on Aug. 23.

Letter to the editor: College must help manage student ‘party houses’

A question, and a challenge for Middlebury College, regarding its purported commitment to community, environment, and “exemplary land stewardship.”

Middlebury strengthens noise rules

The town of Middlebury is considering amendments to its noise ordinance that would — among other things — place an earlier lid on late-night revelry, loud music, construction din and other disruptions that have spurred increasing calls to police.