Leave wildlife babies alone

MONTPELIER — Watching wildlife is enjoyable, especially when young animals appear in the spring. But it is best to keep your distance. Picking up young wildlife can do more harm than good, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, and it is also against the law. When people see young animals alone, they often mistakenly assume these animals are helpless or lost, in trouble or needing to be rescued. Bringing young wildlife into a human environment often results in permanent separation from their … (read more)

SpIN to celebrate 25 years with a walk and award

The Spirit In Nature Interfaith Paths organization will celebrate its 25th Anniversary May 12 by giving its Eco-Spirit Award to the Pollinator Pathways founders.

Pollinator pathway takes shape in Addison County

A local group is encouraging people to make their property welcoming to butterflies & bees.

Matthew Dickerson: On hubris and nature

Recently I had to leave the bubble of Addison County in order to help a family member. My trip took me across some areas of rural New England. Since I was driving alone, I had plenty of time to appreciate the landscape. For me that often means admiring th … (read more)

Matt Dickerson: Ephemeral nature

Ephemeroptera. That is the scientific name of the family of insects known more commonly as mayflies. The word is made up of two roots that come to us from Greek, through Latin. The first root is related to the modern word ephemeral. Though ephemeral has c … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Connecting with nature refreshes

Recently I listened to an interview of Micah Mortali by Tami Simon, of Sounds True. Mortali, who is director of Kripalu schools, spoke about the practice of “rewilding,” which he explores in his new book, “Rewilding: Meditations, Practices, and Skills for … (read more)