Mosquitos keep us swatting

Wetter-than-normal conditions this summer created more of the pools of stagnant water that the insects use for breeding, resulting in a substantial rise in the region’s mosquito population. 

EEE found in area mosquitos

Mosquitos carrying West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) have been found in Vermont from Alburg to Vergennes, according to the Vermont Department of Health. 

Matthew Dickerson: The summer of the mosquito

My wife recently pointed out to me that there are 45 known species of mosquitos in Vermont. This summer I think I have interacted with all of them.

Jessie Raymond: Wet weather bites. So do the bugs

Now that it’s not raining every hour of every day (a refreshing change), I’ve been getting outside more. And I’m finding this summer’s mosquito population to be over-represented and extra blood-thirsty.

Rains will bring more mosquitos

The heavy rains that hit Addison County this past week are expected to lead to an increase in the region’s mosquito population, according to local insect management officials. 

Mosquito district wants to keep Salisbury

The organization tasked with keeping mosquitoes in check in the Lake Dunmore and Brandon area is undergoing some changes.

BLSG and Salisbury still working on a deal

LEICESTER — Members of the board that oversees mosquito control in six area towns held a special meeting at the Leicester Meeting House July 1 to discuss plans for the insect control district’s relationship with the town of Salisbury. But they didn’t make … (read more)

Salisbury mosquitos get a pass from BLSG

LEICESTER/SALISBURY — Salisbury will no longer be sprayed for mosquitos by the Brandon Leicester Salisbury Goshen & Pittsford Insect Control District (BLSG), which voted at a meeting last Thursday night to suspend the town’s services starting July 1, the … (read more)

Mosquito district collecting population data

Adult mosquito surveillance plays a key role in Brandon Leicester Salisbury Goshen Mosquito District’s Integrated Pest Management Program. Through collection, counting, and identification the district can determine the severity of nuisance mosquito outbre … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Mosquito district work in Salisbury costly, ineffective

In January, the Salisbury selectboard voted unanimously to separate Salisbury’s payment to the Brandon-Leicester-Salisbury-Goshen-Pittsford Insect Control District (BLSG) into Article 11 on the town meeting ballot. On Election Day, Tuesday, March 3 (Super … (read more)

Mosquito count continues to fall in district

BRANDON — Finally, in July, the weather turned and the rain subsided to a more normal level and the Otter Creek went back in its banks. For the month of July, the BLSG pursued the area mosquitoes both as larvae and adults. The larvae sampling continued fo … (read more)

The Outside Story: Mosquitos

A good friend was in touch; her son was enduring allergic reactions to mosquitos and, like any good parent, she sought solutions. I told her that the most practical, non-toxic way to deal with the problem was to consider a mosquito’s lifecycle, and interr … (read more)

Mosquito larvae counts last month were low

BRANDON – The rain finally let up and the area enjoyed four of the finest days in memory. The fields are drying and the Otter Creek is receding. Larvae counts during early and mid-June were low. Beginning June 22nd and continuing into July several “hot sp … (read more)

Lemon Fair mosquitos spawn in remote areas

WEYBRIDGE — Lemon Fair Insect Control District officials received more than 20 mosquito complaints last week from residents in the LFICD’s three member communities, and they are ramping up education efforts to reduce spawning grounds for the pesky, blood … (read more)