Letter to the editor: Middlebury Airport planning ignores some realities

I do not believe this plan represents the best interests of the town and its residents, nor is it a sound use of taxpayer dollars.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury Airport is bad investment

One might expect that after 30+ months and almost $350,000 of consulting fees, that the Middlebury State Airport Master Plan might prove to be a concise, data-backed and realistic business case for the continued existence of the State Airport for the next … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Middlebury Airport flight counts misleading

Equating radio traffic with flight operations is a bit of a leap, especially at a facility where the primary business on site specializes in repairing airplane electronics, including radios.

VTrans explains flight counts at Middlebury airport

A long-range master plan that’s in the works Middlebury State Airport has generated some local skepticism for its estimates of current and future flights leaving and arriving at the small airfield in East Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: The time has passed for yet another airport ‘task force’

Stop stirring the pot without acknowledging all the history.

Letter to the editor: Airport ‘status quo’ falls short

Kudos to Mr. Lynn for kickstarting a valuable debate in your editorial of September 1 “Middlebury Airport: How big is too big? Are there options?”

Letter to the editor: Another angle to airport saga

Do we want to encourage more flying, especially if it is to benefit the few and often for pleasure?

Some see Middlebury Airport as an economic driver

If you ask Middlebury Airport tenants and boosters, demand for new hangars at the property was already sky-high before VTrans filed its Act 250 permit request.

New Haven-based builder uses airplane to land additional jobs

Instead of climbing into a Chevy or a Ford, Silver Maple Construction’s Sean Flynn often finds himself hopping into his Cirrus SR22t, a five-person aircraft he keeps sheltered and fueled at the Middlebury State Airport.

Editorial: Dueling arguments prompt call for airport task force

The battleground is a common theme between those who embrace economic development for all of its positive aspects, and those who oppose it because it would affect their personal peace and quiet.

Community forum: New spot needed for local airport

If an expanded airport is determined to be a necessary resource for Addison County, then a new, more appropriate site should be established for the facility. 

Neighbors wary of state plans for Middlebury airport

The Vermont Agency of Transportation’s (VTrans) vision for the Middlebury State Airport — a blueprint that includes the potential addition of nine new aircraft hangars, lighting, an improved aircraft taxi-lane and a new road — is raising concerns among ne … (read more)

Editorial: Middlebury airport: How big is too big?

As East Middlebury residents, and particularly those who live closest to the Middlebury State Airport, attend meetings to adopt a new Master Plan for the airport it’s natural for those residents to resist growth that could further disrupt the neighborhood … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Middlebury airport plans are not based on reality

I’m writing to express my concerns regarding the Master Plan currently under development for the Middlebury State airport.

Middlebury airport’s master plan update sparks opposition

Vermont Agency of Transportation officials got a lot of pushback when they presented an Airport Master Plan Update for the Middlebury State Airport at a public information meeting at the town offices on June 30.