Ways of Seeing: Cultivating fixes for local problems

When I look at the world it’s easy to feel heartbroken and paralyzed at the chaos. Granted, I’m a born pessimist, but I’m sure many of you share my despair about climate change, the war in Ukraine, the strife in Israel and Gaza, and the huge number of people displaced from their homes around the world because of one disaster or another.

Letter to the editor: Editorial got facts incorrect

In answer to the editorial, “Pull the Plug on Israel, Joe:”

Letter to the editor: Another view on Gaza conflict

As a Jew and a lifelong Zionist (meaning that I believe the Jewish people have a right to a state of their own) I want to present a different viewpoint from that of Hal Cohen.

Ways of Seeing: Ukraine still needs our attention

Both Oksana, who is in her twenties, and I, in my late sixties, grew up in Hashomer Hatzair, a worldwide Jewish socialist youth movement which began in Poland one hundred and ten years ago. 

Letter to the editor: Staffing trend at schools raises many concerns

I cheered when I read Donna Fournier’s letter in the Addison Independent. And I’m sure that my cheer was echoed by many teachers and former teachers in the Mount Abraham district.