Letter to the editor: Ask your governor and legislators to sort out Medicare insurance

Vermonters on Medicare are struggling with high costs. A bill before the legislature would help.

Letter to the editor: Copland Hanzas earns support

We support Sarah Copland Hanzas for Secretary of State because of her values, her integrity, and her hard work to support democratic principles and the environment.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD should hit pause on school closure talks

Editor’s note: The writers sent this letter to the Mount Abraham Unified School District board and cc’d the Independent. Dear MAUSD School Board Members, It has become painfully clear that our district schools are in a tough place financially. We hear you … (read more)

Guest editorial: Health insurance rates could skyrocket

I recently spent some time asking people on the street two questions: Is health insurance too expensive? And if so, why? I am sure many readers have strong opinions about the answers to these questions. I heard answers like “greed,” “because they can,” “b … (read more)