Letter to the editor: MAUSD board urged to revisit firing of hoop coach

The firing of Connie LaRose, winning girls’ basketball coach at Mt. Abraham Union High School is shocking to me.

Letter to the editor: Sheriff would accomplish more joining with others

Conflicting stories: In the Jan. 14 Addison Independent there was an article “Sheriff envisions a major expansion of service” and in the January 21 Addison Independent there was an article “Police agencies face evolving social needs.” Having read through … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Many have moved Vergennes forward, including its mayor

It resonated with me when reading Rebecca Rey’s Sept. 3 letter to the editor concerning the many “key people, at key moments who stepped up to help us move forward,” referring to Gerianne Smart. She could have been talking about many of the community memb … (read more)