‘All aboard’ for the parade: Yellow House resident’s train dream comes true

Everybody loves a parade — but the Middlebury Memorial Day parade could really use more creative floats. At least that’s what the folks at Yellow House believe. So this year, they’ve created a real showstopper

An eclipse chaser preps for the big celestial show

The first time Tom and Lee Ann Golper saw a total solar eclipse, they were on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. 

Leicester man trains to become an ‘American Ninja Warrior’

David Allan Rose, 76 and living in Leicester, is a natural-born risk taker. At age 20, he dropped out of college in California, where he was studying engineering, to try his hand at becoming a jockey.

Clippings: Are we smart enough to survive?

I was excited to tell you how much my family has loved watching “Life on Our Planet,” the new Morgan Freeman-narrated nature doc on Netflix — a great activity for the whole fam! But then we watched the final episode, and it wasn’t fun and fascinating anym … (read more)

Flood-damaged TAM needs repair

Most segments of the 16-mile hiking loop, which is maintained by Middlebury Area Land Trust, are worse for wear since the deluge, but two areas in particular require serious repair.

Clippings: ‘King among cats’ was truly loved

This one’s gonna hurt. Our beloved cat, Bart, was hit by a car last week. He didn’t make it.

Prem Prakash lifts the bar

When most folks in Addison County hear the name Prem Prakash, they think yoga. The East Middlebury resident has been teaching yoga and meditation in our area for more than 30 years.

Babies & Families: A dream and a whiteboard

Years ago, when I was the mom of a toddler and a preschooler, I bought a large whiteboard calendar at TJ Maxx because I thought it would bring order to the chaos of my life.

Recreating Star Wars, one scene at a time

This past summer, more than 45 teams “donned Jedi robes, built protocol droids, and learned lightsaber skills,” as the Media Factory put it, to create the final product, which will premiere at a series of outdoor screenings around the state next week.

Clippings: Love of music runs in the family

The other day I watched my 8-year-old discover the joy of liner notes.

Summer Guide: Live music flourishes outside this summer

This year it’s all coming back — plus some new opportunities to sway and dance and sing along under the Vermont summer sky straight through to October.

Our family animals: Goodbye, Kitty

KITTY HAD ONLY one eye and a stumpy tail, but she had endless love to give. I never imagined I’d be a full-grown woman, weeping in my car over the death of my cat. But here I am. Kitty (real name: Haley) was 22. An ancient wonder-creature. A magical cuddl … (read more)

This book will knock you out

“I’m probably the only author on Earth promoting his book by saying it will put you to sleep,” quips Middlebury’s Ted Scheu, AKA That Poetry Guy.

Babies & Families: When will playgroups return?

When the pandemic struck in March 2020, it abruptly put an end to playgroups, open gyms and drop-in storytimes, cutting off an essential social and emotional outlet for families with babies and toddlers.

Video: The New Haven train depot on the move

We tagged along with the moving company transporting the historic New Haven train depot from New Haven Junction to its new home on North Street, where it arrived on Thursday.