Letter to the editor: ‘Advantage’ plans are a rip-off

The Medicare Open Enrollment period ends on December 7, and I wish I had had the knowledge when I signed up that I now have about MA. “Medicare Advantage” (MA) is not an advantage for seniors and people with disabilities.

Letter to the editor: Ask your governor and legislators to sort out Medicare insurance

Vermonters on Medicare are struggling with high costs. A bill before the legislature would help.

Letter to the editor: Medicare change is a challenge

Since Open Enrollment for medical plans runs until Dec. 7, our experience with changing from Medicare Advantage to traditional Medicare is relevant.

Letter to the editor: It pays to do your research on Medicare coverage

We’re being overwhelmed with advertising for Medicare Advantage plans, but there are no ads for traditional Medicare. The reason for the MA ads is that the Medicare Advantage corporations are making huge profits.

Shoreham church to host Medicare fraud talk

The Shoreham Congregational Church will host a free presentation on Medicare fraud called “Prevent, Detect, Report,” on Thursday, Oct. 12, at 2 p.m. 

Guest editorial: Traditional Medicare is under attack

I’ve spent my professional life as a primary care pediatrician, mostly in Vermont. Now I’m retired and the beneficiary of Medicare. 

Letter to the editor: Articles were very informative

I appreciate the articles written by Dr. G. Fjeld and Mr. Richard Hopkins in a recent Addison Independent.

Letter to the editor: Medicare offers cautionary tale

We need to pass Universal Healthcare ASAP!

What are Medicare choices?

If you want to change your Medicare enrollment for the coming year you need to make that change by next Wednesday, Dec. 7 — did you know that?

Letter to the editor: Be very wary of ‘Medicare’ pitch

The Advantage Plan hucksters are emerging out of their almost yearlong hibernation.

Letter to the editor: AgeWell offers good guidance on Medicare options

The mail coming to me every day from for-profit private health insurance plans advertising an alternative to traditional Medicare, is overwhelming.

Letter to the editor: Medicare switch raises concerns

Remember that you are giving an insurance company control over your Medicare dollars and they are making a profit.

Ways of Seeing: Medicare is for people, not corporations

It takes both good luck and good care to survive cancer. After my breast cancer diagnosis in 1999 I had both. 

Letter to the editor: Medical students’ debt a flaw in Medicare plan

A recent conversation with my aunt brought to light a possible flaw with some of the Democratic candidates’ “Medicare for All” pitch. Medicare is beloved, true, and folks look forward to reaching eligibility age for it, also true. They can get excellent c … (read more)