5-Town Friends see the magic in Lincoln

The contributions of Lincoln’s Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks to the arts abroad are undeniable — Fredericks through her visual artwork in galleries from New Haven to Nagoya, Japan, and both together with magic shows in more than 40 countries through their nonprofit, Magicians Without Borders.

Lincoln magician conjures joy & hope in Ukraine

Lincoln’s Tom Verner looks like a magician even when he isn’t clad in a tuxedo, a ruffled shirt or black pants held up by suspenders.

Lincoln man brings magic to Ukrainian refugees

When the magician Tom Verner arrived in Kraków, Poland, last month to perform for Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of their country, a Catholic priest there suggested he visit the city’s central train station.

Lincoln duo launches self-guided magic course online

Have you ever watched the audience at a magic show? Everyone’s eyes are glued to the performers, their eyebrows are slightly furrowed, mouths agape and their bodies motionless as they try desperately to spot the “trick.” Then — poof! How did she do that? … (read more)

Lincoln magicians bring joy to refugees at the border

LINCOLN — Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks performed magic at the U.S.–Mexico border last December. Not the kind of magic that allows tired, hungry and fearful refugees to simply waltz across the border to new lives in America. The Lincoln couple, working … (read more)

Editorial: Magical inspiration

We’ve told this story before, but it never ceases to amaze.  Lincoln residents Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks had traveled to another troubled spot in the world bringing fun, humor and, most important of all, hope and revived dreams, through the power of … (read more)