Letter to the editor: Timber harvesting strategy steeped in good reasons

I’m writing to express my dismay at the misinformation again being spread about the Telephone Gap timber project. Timber harvesting on the Green Mountain National Forest is good for Vermont and the environment.

Climate Matters: As climate crisis rages, Green Mt. National Forest misses the boat

It is widely understood that cutting mature forests is bad for the climate. Last year the public responded with over 1,300 comments against logging and less than 100 in favor. This was a record.

Letter to the editor: Logging, including on Snake Mt., boosts biodiversity

“The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department began to acquire land for Snake Mountain WMA in 1959 from the A. Johnson Lumber Company, which has reserved timber rights.”

Letter to the editor: Questions on Snake Mt. work

I was appalled to read the letter from J. Beamish about the destruction on the east side of Snake Mountain due to what looks like unwise logging that has already occurred and is ongoing, so I decided to have a look this morning.

Letter to the editor: Snake Mountain logging follows accepted practices

The letter by J. Beamish dramatically misrepresents what is happening on Snake Mountain on the timber rights that my family owns and have harvested on for many years.

Community forum: Careful logging actually a boon

As one of the owners of a lumber mill in Bristol, I certainly have an interest in the harvest and the overall principles at stake. I also have a daughter, for whom I care deeply, and wish for her future a livable world.

Graduation 2022: Mount Abe students place at logging competition

Looking back on a competition he took part in late last month, Mount Abraham Union High School senior Ian Goodyear said his nerves had more to do with the crowd watching him compete than the noisy and powerful chainsaw in his hands.

Letter to the editor: Tree farmers advocate for harvesting wood

Harvesting wood plays an important role in reducing global warming.

Letter to the editor: Support urged for increased land conservation

Given our climate crisis, the trees in our state and national forests should not be logged but allowed to mature so that they can sequester and store planet-warming carbon.

Letter to the editor: Opposition to logging in national forests is misguided, hypocritical

I strongly support current and future logging in the Green Mountain National Forest.

Groups critical of logging in national forests

The Climate Forest campaign, which is supported by 70 organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Center for Biological Diversity, is calling on the Biden administration to end logging of mature and old-growth forests on federal … (read more)