Local meat producers face economic challenge

Part 2 of a 2-part series. Read the first story here. ADDISON COUNTY — Vermont Food Collaborative (VFC) in New Haven includes a retail storefront on Route 7 and a state-inspected processing facility in the back. Its mission is to market Vermont-raised livestock, foods and goods; educate the community; and work with producers, butchers and educators to provide a full-circle program of farm-to-plate training for the next generation. Jennifer Kennett and AnnaJo Smith, who founded the Route 7 business in 2019, … (read more)

Bottlenecks hamper growth of Vt. meat industry

Part 1 of a 2-part series. Read part 2 here. ADDISON COUNTY — It’s the beginning of the slow season at Vermont’s slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities. The “kill season” starts in September — after a summer of grazing — and runs until January or … (read more)

ACORN creates virtual farmers’ market

MIDDLEBURY — COVID-19 is affecting the food supply chain in unprecedented ways. Supply and demand are out of balance on a global, regional and local scale. Vermont, however, is fortunate to have an abundance of local food producers ready to help feed the … (read more)