Living with dying: Palliative care offers many ways to help

“I love working in palliative care because of its focus on the human connection; blending the best of medical care with the unique values and priorities of each patient” – Diana Barnard, MD Patient driven care, this is the heart of palliative care, at a time when specialized medical care provides relief from symptoms and the stress of a serious illness. A team approach to care with a goal of improved quality of life for both patient and family, Palliative care can be provided at any phase of illness. Here a … (read more)

Living with dying: We learn to embrace the ‘Day of the Dead’

The Living with Dying Partnership is exploring cultural rituals and practices around death and dying. Neighbor to neighbor, companioning those at the end of life is an art of living that can be embraced instead of feared. Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muerto … (read more)

Living with dying: Accepting death

This column is presented by the Living with Dying Partnership – an alliance between End of Life Services (formerly Hospice Volunteer Services and ARCH), Addison County Home Health & Hospice and UVM Health Network Porter Medical Center. The mission of this … (read more)

Living with dying: Different cultures treat death in different ways

If you look in the phone book at last names in Addison County, you probably aren’t surprised to see many familiar French and English-sounding surnames. In fact, Addison County is one of the most Caucasian areas of the country — 92.4 percent! So it may sur … (read more)