In run for U.S. House, Madden takes on ‘broken’ 2-party system

In a rare open race for Vermont’s lone seat in the U.S. House, Republican nominee Liam Madden is an unlikely contender.

Letter to the editor: Madden could work with both parties in U.S. House

It has become increasingly apparent that over the last decade or two both the Republican and Democratic parties have been so influenced by the philosophies of the extreme fringe of their respective parties that now the good of the party is taking preceden … (read more)

Congressional candidates discuss food, farming

Four of the candidates vying for Vermont’s open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives participated in a virtual July 19 Congressional Candidate Forum on Food & Agriculture to discuss the most pressing issues in the state’s food and farming sectors.

Community forum: Tech can help end two-party era

Most of us do not need to be convinced that the two party system is incapable of solving our challenges. The mutual disgust with how ineffective and corrupt this system is happens to be one of the few remaining areas of agreement between the left and righ … (read more)