Letter to the editor: American response to Ukraine strife is disheartening

Americans now need to look to Ukraine for examples of bravery and heroism.

Letter to the editor: Kentucky governor showed humanity in face of tragedy

My son-in-law who lives in the hills of Kentucky said this about Gov. Andy Beshear: He cried while discussing the tragedy.

Letter to the editor: Profiteering actions blasted

Let’s elect Erik Prince, Betsy DeVos’ multi-millionaire brother, to team Disgusting Americans for charging escaping Afghans and Americans $6,500 for charter flights out of war-torn Afghanistan.Out of all current millionaires and billionaires, he is most r … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Nation’s conduct embarrassing

Americans of all stripes are entitled. Our mantra is “I want it when I want it.” I am an American and I am appalled. When I turn on the news it feels like I am watching a rerun of three months ago — wear masks, don’t get close to people — don’t travel.” S … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Middlebury College has ‘stranglehold’ on town

Re: The town’s cash cow. It is criminal that the college has such a stranglehold on the town. I returned after years living away and I am appalled at what has happened here. There is no village environment. The college has bought up properties all over th … (read more)