Local lawmakers call for Vekos resignation

After she got a DUI charge, was criticized for some of her practices and lost her law license, most local lawmakers say they’ve had enough of State’s Attorney Eva Vekos.

Starksboro Rep. Caleb Elder to run for state Senate

Democratic state Rep. Caleb Elder of Starksboro won’t seek reelection; he will instead run for one of the two state Senate seats representing Addison County, Huntington, Rochester and Buel’s Gore.

Letter to the editor: Local businesses want legislative action on housing

The regulatory and municipal zoning changes, tax proposals and funding in bills H.719 and S.311 would make it easier and faster to build more housing while avoiding sprawl.

Gov. Scott targets Vermont’s demographic challenges in his State of the State

Gov. Phil Scott, in Thursday’s State of the State, reinforced his perennial concerns: state demographics, public safety, affordability and housing.

Vt. House overrides Scott’s veto of ‘bottle bill’

By a wide margin, the Vermont House voted on Thursday morning to override Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of H.158, better known as the “bottle bill.”

Affordable heat bill becomes law after Vt. House overrides Gov. Scott’s veto

The Legislature’s highest-profile climate bill, sponsored by Addison County Sen. Chris Bray, will become law despite the governor’s opposition.

Legislature scrutinizes Vermont property valuation systems

With many Vermont towns struggling to keep up with fast-rising property value assessments, legislators are wondering if the state should take over the job.

Vt. House supports clean heat standard bill

The bill would mandate that Vermonters pay for their heating sources’ impact on climate change, but rulemaking would take two years.

Addison County folks join hundreds at Statehouse childcare rally

Around 700 people gathered in Montpelier on Wednesday urging lawmakers to pass a childcare bill that the Vt. House is considering.

Birong works to legalize funeral pyres

Vergennes Rep. Matt Birong’s effort to make open cremation, or funeral pyres, legal in Vermont has roots in Star Wars.

Vt. Senate modifying Affordable Heat Act to make it a study

Faced with widespread concerns about potential costs to Vermonters, authors of the proposed Affordable Heat Act have decided to pump the brakes on the sweeping bill.

Weekly Legislative Breakfasts not likely this year

No one has stepped up for forum connecting lawmakers with constituents in Addison County.

Gov. Scott calls for revival of Vermont economy in inaugural address

The Vermont governor echoed familiar calls for statewide economic recovery in the face of unprecedented opportunity.

County’s Democratic legislators call on sheriff to resign

Lawmakers say legal cloud over Sheriff Newton is too dark and he must resign.

Lawmakers wrestle with Clean Heat Standard legislation

Climate and energy activists say a Clean Heat Standard bill in the Vermont Senate doesn’t do enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.