Healthcare, housing top concerns at legislative breakfast

Efforts to protect pollinators, grow affordable housing and pass healthcare reform were among the hot topics of the final legislative breakfast of 2024, held Monday at the Weybridge Congregational Church.

Letter to the editor: More lawmakers asked to attend

Our next, and last, Legislative Breakfast will be held in Weybridge on Monday, 8 April. Let’s have some of our representatives there!

Hunting takes center stage at legislative breakfast

Were it not for state Sen. Chris Bray, D-Bristol, Monday’s legislative breakfast at St. Peter’s Parish Hall in Vergennes would have just been called “breakfast.”

Fish & Wildlife bill gets mixed reviews

At Monday’s Legislative Breakfast, local hunting and trapping enthusiasts grilled Sen. Chris Bray on bill S.258, which proposes to transfer the authority to adopt rules for the taking of fish, wildlife and fur-bearing animals from the Fish & Wildlife Boar … (read more)

Legislative breakfasts resume

After the longtime coordinator of the local Legislative Breakfast series, Jim Morse, died this past November, it was unclear if there’d be a local forum at which county lawmakers and residents could gather and discuss what is going on in Montpelier during … (read more)

Beth Morse takes over Legislative breakfast series

Jim Morse died on Nov. 9, following a hard-fought battle with cancer. And now, a second generation of the Morse family has vowed to extend and deepen Jim’s legacies.

Childcare, energy bills in spotlight

Local lawmakers on Monday provided an update on bills that will advance through the legislative process this year, including measures that would authorize online sports betting, provide more financial support to the state’s childcare system and ensure bet … (read more)

Lawmakers talk ‘affordable heat’

State lawmakers are getting ready to discuss a bill that would establish an “Affordable Heat Act,” or AHA, aimed at reducing Vermonters’ heating bills and steering them toward alternatives to fossil fuels.

Legislative Breakfasts resume

The 2023 Legislative Breakfast series will debut in Vergennes on Monday, Feb. 13, at the St. Peter’s Parrish Hall, 85 Maple St.

Legislative breakfasts will go on

Addison County’s long tradition of holding legislative breakfasts linking elected politicians with their constituents while the General Assembly is in session will continue — with a few tweaks.

Legislative breakfasts to kick off on Feb. 3

ADDISON COUNTY — The annual Addison County Legislative Breakfast series will kick off on Monday, Feb. 3, and will convene on an almost-weekly basis through April. The legislative breakfasts were established around 40 years ago and offer a weekly opportuni … (read more)