Farmers, landowners use plants to improve water quality

Middlebury landowners and farmers are hopeful that vegetation planted along local waterways this spring will help keep the county watersheds healthy and vibrant for years to come. 

LedgeEnd Farm protects Middlebury farmland

MIDDLEBURY — Hank Dimuzio and Rhonda Roberts of LedgEnd Farm worked with the Vermont Land Trust to conserve 132 acres of their deer farm on Munger Street in Middlebury. Theirs is the largest deer farm in the state with over 400 animals. Dimuzio didn’t fol … (read more)

Middlebury gives $44K for land conservation

MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury selectboard on Aug. 13 unanimously agreed to allocate $44,000 from the town’s conservation fund to help conserve 132 acres of the LedgEnd Farm off Painter and Munger roads. Owned by Hank Dimuzio and Rhonda Roberts, LedgEnd is c … (read more)