Lawsuit claims Lincoln, Whiting are restricting public records

BURLINGTON — Attorneys working on business involving real estate transactions are suing nine Vermont municipalities, including the Addison County towns of Lincoln and Whiting, for prohibiting or restricting access to public government records by claiming COVID-19 concerns. The lawsuit, filed in Vermont Superior Court in Burlington, has major statewide implications because the final ruling could affect how more than 240 municipal clerks will be required during the pandemic to allow taxpayers to have access t … (read more)

CSAC, other nonprofits, sue makers of opioids

MIDDLEBURY — The Counseling Service of Addison County and two other Vermont community mental health agencies announced on Wednesday that they are joining forces in a lawsuit against the opioid drug industry. Joining CSAC as state-designated nonprofit agen … (read more)

ACSD joins lawsuit targeting e-cigarettes

MIDDLEBURY — The Addison Central School District board has signed on to a class action lawsuit that seeks to recover damages from vaping device maker Juul “regarding the presence at unacceptable detection limits of the chemicals” in the company’s e-cigare … (read more)

BLSG settles lawsuit over mosquito spraying

BRANDON — The board of the BLSG Mosquito Control District has approved a settlement proposal in the lawsuit between them and the Toxic Action Center. The lawsuit has cost the district $41,668 since it was first filed last summer. The BLSG, according to bu … (read more)