Addison County prosecutor loses her law license

The Vermont Supreme Court suspended the law license of Addison County State’s Attorney Eva P. Vekos for her failure to properly respond to questions about her fitness following her arrest on a charge of driving while impaired.

Letter to the editor: State law enforcement condemns ‘horrendous’ act

The Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council members witnessed, as did the rest of our country, the actions of the Minneapolis Police officers who took the life of a man in their custody. The VCJTC would like to express our outrage, shame and sadness reg … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Separate law enforcement from immigration action

A Letter to the People of Addison County: As members of a faith community, we are appalled by news of recent harassment and terrorizing of our farmworker neighbors in Bridport, Addison County. We are saddened to learn that there are fellow Vermonters who … (read more)