Letter to the editor: Problems in schools not just the result of COVID

In a recent editorial, Angelo Lynn too simply dismisses the challenges in our schools, saying “the pandemic has upset the apple cart” and that it is “no one’s fault.”

Letter to the editor: Plan to add sixth-graders to MUMS is unworkable

For full disclosure from the start, my wife is a teacher at MUMS, with 20+ years of service and dedication; I am a former middle school teacher; and my daughter will be in the first sixth-grade class to attend MUMS if the move goes through as currently pl … (read more)

MiniBury: What to do when you’re stuck at home

Local schools are now closed, until at least April 6, to contain the spread of COVID-19. Libraries are closed. Restaurants are closed. Many parents are scrambling for childcare, or scrambling to suddenly homeschool their children, or just scrambling to st … (read more)