Letter to the editor: Becoming a mentor is helpful and empowering

January is National Mentor Month, and I am writing to express and share the joy and fulfillment of being a mentor in the MAUSD mentor program with the hope that others in the community will consider joining or supporting this important program.

Letter to the editor: For merger vote, it’s OK to question long-held beliefs

Three years ago, I joined the Community Engagement Committee of the MAUSD school board as a volunteer because I knew the big challenges we faced as a district and I was confident our five-town community would come together to find creative solutions to th … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Mount Abe School District voters should make their voices heard

As a resident of the Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) for 25 years, I have realized the depth of commitment and caring our community has for the success of our schools, our teachers and our students. As a parent of children who attended schoo … (read more)