Letter to the editor: ACSD must do more for its BIPOC+ population

As co-facilitators of Addison County BIPOC+, we are writing in support of Esther Charlestin, Justice Elijah, and the crucial work they are doing to advance equity and dismantle oppression in our schools and communities. 

Community forum: ACSD response to racism fell short

I must candidly convey that the mention of my name within the article did not feel like appreciation. Instead, it felt more like an attempt to dismiss Esther Charlestin’s experiences, conveyed through a tone reminiscent of, “I have a Black friend, and loo … (read more)

Justice Elijah leaves her mark

As Justice Elijah wraps up her two year Americorps stint in Addison County, Emily Joselson and John Barstow are trying to give her something she has never had —  a financial cushion.