How to prevent loss of stored garlic

When you reach into your paper bag of carefully stored garlic and pull out a bulb to see a sprout emerging from the top… What do you do?

The secret to perfect applesauce

One of my favorite ways to cook apples is to make applesauce. On its own or with cottage cheese or yogurt, it makes a delicious breakfast, side dish or snack.

Gardening: It’s time to plant garlic

Here in Vermont, garlic is best planted in fall because of its need for a dormant period of two months below 40 Fahrenheit degrees.

Ask a Master Gardener: Caring for rhubarb in the fall

Whether grown for aesthetics or food, this hardy perennial can be a long-lived addition to the gardening landscape.

Ask a master gardener: What to do with all that cabbage?

Fermentation has a long tradition as an effective method of food preservation. Eating fermented food provides beneficial bacteria that can help maintain a healthy digestive environment. Many people find sauerkraut a delicious option.I learned the traditio … (read more)

Ask a Master Gardener: How to savor fresh berries

What’s more delicious than a sun-warmed raspberry plucked from the bush and popped into your mouth? Hmmm. Keep that delicious flavor into the winter by freezing raspberries, adding them to your baked goods, smoothies or yogurt, or making a batch of freeze … (read more)

Ask a master gardener: What to do with all that poo?

If you raise chickens, then you know that while they are laying baskets of farm fresh eggs and amusing you with their antics, they are also generating a lot of manure.Coop litter contains manure, feathers, undigested food and bedding material. A single ch … (read more)