Ask a master gardener: All about container gardening

Container gardening is a good option if you have limited space or want to be able to alter your environment by moving pots around.

Ask a Master Gardener: Plant toxicity and pets

Philodendrons and other houseplants are toxic to puppies, so need to be placed out of reach with a gentle reminder not to touch. photo / Jodi Larison In their book, “How to be your Dog’s Best Friend,” the Monks of New Skete suggest that for many people, d … (read more)

Compost using the lazy lasagna method

While doing your fall yard clean-up, envision and decide on an area for a new flower or vegetable garden or a space to relax.

Ask a master gardener: How to have fresh rosemary all year

While rosemary is not a perennial in Vermont, you can still grow and enjoy fresh rosemary all year. Just plant it in a container. Bring it outside in warmer weather and inside before the first frost. Why rosemary? It is attractive, resembling a small pine … (read more)