Ask a Master Gardener: Plant toxicity and pets

Philodendrons and other houseplants are toxic to puppies, so need to be placed out of reach with a gentle reminder not to touch. photo / Jodi Larison In their book, “How to be your Dog’s Best Friend,” the Monks of New Skete suggest that for many people, dogs and houseplants are the only readily available touchstones with the natural world. They also say that owners must reflect on their canine’s environment and make it as healthy as possible. I recently brought a new member into my pack, Betty, a nine-week- … (read more)

Compost using the lazy lasagna method

While doing your fall yard clean-up, envision and decide on an area for a new flower or vegetable garden or a space to relax.

Ask a master gardener: How to have fresh rosemary all year

While rosemary is not a perennial in Vermont, you can still grow and enjoy fresh rosemary all year. Just plant it in a container. Bring it outside in warmer weather and inside before the first frost. Why rosemary? It is attractive, resembling a small pine … (read more)