Ways of Seeing: Trauma prevention is a real priority

I think about trauma a lot, because I earn my living working with people’s bodies, and the body is where unresolved trauma lives.

Ways of Seeing: Discovering the ‘Light’ with yoga

Most people show up to yoga class for gentle movement, deep breathing, and stress reduction, but if they come to my classes they get yoga philosophy too.

Letter to the editor: Whelan-Wuest is the best choice for ACSD

She is super smart, full of heart, and laser focused on making this a community where everyone can thrive.

Ways of Seeing: In praise of rice and lentils

Ah, January. The magical month where so many of us vow to exercise more, eat healthier, stop wasting money, and generally Be Better.

Ways of Seeing: Vote ‘yes’ for liberty and equality

Our state constitution permits the enslavement of people under 21, the enslavement of people who “consent,” and the enslavement of anyone who hasn’t paid their debts and fines.

Ways of Seeing: Harm prevention is part of healing

Although many Westerners think of yoga as physical exercise, breathing, and stretching, learning yoga philosophy is a key part of the practice. These ancient teachings can help us navigate many difficult aspects of being human.

Ways of Seeing: Making ‘what is’ into ‘what should be’

I know I spend a lot of time gnashing my teeth over injustice in the world. But could I allow myself, with friends and neighbors, to spend time drawing, painting and dreaming of the world that  “should be?” 

Ways of Seeing: Anti-abortion quest is a power grab

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I really, really don’t want to write this column. I’m recovering from COVID, I’m tired, and I’m so, so angry. I have been involved in the fight for reproductive freedom for literally my entire life. My mom was a young mother in the la … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Yoga can, must advance equity

The Yoga Equity Project seeks to provide the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation to everyone, by addressing the inequalities that keep some people from accessing yoga spaces.

Ways of seeing: Pandemic survival ten best list

My friend Julie told me this COVID pandemic may last five years. She said that based on what happened with the influenza pandemic of 1918, it could take that long for COVID to become endemic.

Ways of seeing: Hand symbol can help the abused

With domestic violence surging globally during the pandemic, and countless people trapped at home with their abusers, advocates needed a simple way for someone in distress to signal a silent SOS.

Ways of seeing: Vaccine leads to togetherness

I just returned from a truly glorious weekend in Stonington, Conn., where I went for a funeral. “Always go to the funeral” is a piece of advice someone gave me a long time ago.

Letter to the editor: MUHS should fly the BLM flag

I am one of many community members who have written to the Addison Central School District board in support of allowing Middlebury Union High School students to fly the Black Lives Matter flag on the school flagpole.The great United States historian Howar … (read more)

Ways of seeing: The GOAT takes care of her health

I can’t get enough of young Black female athletes standing up to powerful forces in the media, in their athletic organizations, and everywhere else. My generation of women and marginalized genders has had it up to here with being bullied by coaches, teach … (read more)

Ways of seeing: We must all learn our *real* history

Unless you have been living under a complete media blackout for the last six weeks, you’ve probably heard of Critical Race Theory and the latest efforts to keep it out of U.S. K-12.But do you know what Critical Race Theory is? I wanted to make sure I had … (read more)