Ways of seeing: Hand symbol can help the abused

With domestic violence surging globally during the pandemic, and countless people trapped at home with their abusers, advocates needed a simple way for someone in distress to signal a silent SOS.

Ways of seeing: Vaccine leads to togetherness

I just returned from a truly glorious weekend in Stonington, Conn., where I went for a funeral. “Always go to the funeral” is a piece of advice someone gave me a long time ago.

Letter to the editor: MUHS should fly the BLM flag

I am one of many community members who have written to the Addison Central School District board in support of allowing Middlebury Union High School students to fly the Black Lives Matter flag on the school flagpole.The great United States historian Howar … (read more)

Ways of seeing: The GOAT takes care of her health

I can’t get enough of young Black female athletes standing up to powerful forces in the media, in their athletic organizations, and everywhere else. My generation of women and marginalized genders has had it up to here with being bullied by coaches, teach … (read more)

Ways of seeing: We must all learn our *real* history

Unless you have been living under a complete media blackout for the last six weeks, you’ve probably heard of Critical Race Theory and the latest efforts to keep it out of U.S. K-12.But do you know what Critical Race Theory is? I wanted to make sure I had … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Human rights must apply to all

This letter is from three women in Addison County who are all good friends, and who work together on a number of campaigns to promote equity and anti-racism in Vermont. Two of us are Jewish and one of us has many Jewish family members. Last week we baked … (read more)

Ways of seeing: My romance with romance

When I first moved to Vermont, a dear friend of mine on the West Coast sent me a novel. “Everyone in our town is reading this,” she told me, “We all love it.” The novel, “Outlander,” told the story of an army nurse who, while having a romantic holiday in … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Esther Thomas is the community-building choice

I was fortunate enough to meet Esther Thomas shortly after she moved to Middlebury, and I am thrilled that she is running for a seat on the Middlebury selectboard. Esther has shown herself to be one of those people who looks for ways to be of service by b … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Grabbing small fistfuls of joy

Vermont’s recent spike in COVID-19 cases, and subsequent restrictions are scary and sad. It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m proud of all my friends who are choosing to stay home with immediate family only, instead of risking larger gatherings that we know wi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Silberman has the right vision for high bailiff post

Have you ever read a book that taught you so much and moved you so much that you wanted to wave it around and get everybody you know to read it? This happened to me when I read the book “Chasing the Scream,” by Johann Hari. This book documents the origins … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Theft of BLM signs raises concern

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade at the hands of police officers have prompted a summer of protests, vigils and demonstrations in cities and small towns across the country. Here in Addison County, many residents put toge … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: ‘Pandemic Privilige’ is a true rarity

It’s Week Ten of The Quarantine and I am obsessed with bread. I apologize in advance to anyone who doesn’t tolerate gluten, you may not enjoy this column. Back when things were regular, when a trip to buy groceries didn’t feel life threatening, I wasn’t m … (read more)

Letter to the editor: There are many ways to fight for racial justice

We would like to thank the estimated 375 fellow citizens who joined us on the Cross Street Bridge, on very short notice, for Saturday evening’s vigil for Black Lives. Collectively, we bore witness to the sadness and outrage we felt on hearing of the killi … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Pronoun awareness is essential

You have probably heard that the singular “They” pronoun was the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2019. But in case you’ve been too busy putting away holiday decorations (or in my case, freezing several gallons of turkey stock after simme … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Dig out the roots of racism

In September of 2018, a 30-year-old, off-duty police officer in Dallas, Texas, named Amber Guyger mistakenly entered her neighbor’s apartment, instead of her own. Guyger’s apartment was on the third floor, but she entered the apartment of her neighbor, Bo … (read more)