Homeschooling 101: The experts weigh in on how to begin

This story first appeared on We were sitting in the car at A&W, waiting for milkshakes — while our daughters wreaked havoc in the way back — when my husband said, “I think we should think about homeschooling.” It was back in July. Back before we knew about Mary Hogan’s hybrid plan for the fall. When all we had was the Vermont COVID-19 guidelines for K-12 schools. Reading that document made me weep, but I still wanted my daughters to go to school. Daniel couldn’t stand the waiting — the not kno … (read more)

Quarantine prompts local musician to branch out

When Clint Bierman writes a new song, he tests it out on his sons, Ty and Sam. “They’re the first people I go to,” the guitarist and vocalist for The Grift said in a recent phone interview.  Fourth-grader Ty and second-grader Sam attend the Bridge School … (read more)