Faith Gong: Beautiful Things: Haymaker Bun Co.

My adventure of choice has nothing to do with hiking trails, rock faces, or trapezes. My favorite adventure with my children is to take them to breakfast at Haymaker Bun Co. 

Sing your hearts out for a cause

How do you confront atrocities committed half-way around the world from the comfort of your Vermont bubble? This is a question that Bristol residents Rebecca Ryskalczyk and Nick Dooley couldn’t shake in the face of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, now in its … (read more)

Haymaker awarded James Beard nomination

The James Beard Foundation announced at the end of January its 2023 Restaurant and Chef Awards Semifinalists. And guess who made the list?

A guide to Middlebury’s ‘coffee revolution’

MIDDLEBURY — On the wall in Royal Oak Coffee, alongside the hanging plants and stylish geometric artwork, is a brightly-colored print entitled “The New Taster’s Flavor Wheel.” With more than fifty flavor and aroma possibilities, it’s clear that our collec … (read more)