Guest editorial: Democracy, autocracy and the U.S.A.

The major issue here is that democracies, where they exist, are open to every conceivable crazy political idea. Autocracies, however, are open only to ideas that are approved by the Ruler.

Community forum: Cold War kept nations in check

The world today would almost certainly be far better off if it were playing by the rules that governed the Cold War.

Opinion: Where is the world headed?

If you look carefully and objectively at the world today, you may be able to perceive that we are approaching a crossroad: Do we want to continue our own fragile democracy as well as supporting other democratic movements abroad, or are we in the process o … (read more)

Opinion: Middle East policy revisited

Given the growing potential for broad conflict now existing in the Middle East, it might be worthwhile to look at that region in terms of past U.S. foreign policy to see just where we do or don’t fit in.  Islam has been divided since 632 A.D. when, after … (read more)

Guest editorial: Can we minimize mass murder?

Recent repeated instances of terrorist mass murder in our country have made it mandatory that we enact legislation to fix the issue and ultimately save our society as we know it.  As a young boy, I was extremely interested in guns and hunting. Out of defe … (read more)

Guest editorial: Russia’s American president

There is absolutely no way to explain much of what President Trump does nationally or internationally, largely because he changes his mind so often on so many things. What can be said is that his actions are almost invariably consistent with the goals of … (read more)