Letter to the editor: Let’s focus on the public good

In my father’s day, the killer was polio. In my son’s, it is COVID. Let’s all focus on the public good and use every medically-recommended tool at our disposal — like masks and vaccinations — to reduce this public health menace.

Letter to the editor: Votes in November will speak to next generation

Americans have a crucial choice in just a few weeks. We usually think of it in terms of policies and personalities. As an educator of 48 years, and knowing that our children are watching every move we make, I think of it as a choice between teachers. I th … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Lockdown is best medicine

In three months, we will celebrate our most uniquely American holiday, Thanksgiving. I hope that we will find ourselves thankful for having weathered the worst of the coronavirus storm together, anticipating a number of vaccines, and seeing our economy sl … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Senate Republican leadership lacking in ethics

The Senate is not broken — the Republican leadership is. Simply put, they are unethical. Ethicists tell us that ethical people consider the needs of others and strive to see things for what they are. In contrast, unethical people strive to gain selfish ad … (read more)