Guest editorial: Sen. Leahy castigates colleagues who would deny women health care equity

This is a debate about the Women’s Health Protection Act. Protecting women’s health. Protecting half America’s population in their right to seek the health care they require. Protecting their ability, half of America, to make decisions about their own bodies. 

Guest editorial: Finally, solid research on TIFs

Tucked into H.159, a bill focused on community and economic development, is a provision that would create a pilot program for “project-based” tax increment financing opportunities.

Guest editorial: Law would harm communities, newspapers

Around Vermont, as municipal boards reorganize, set goals and undertake housekeeping for the term ahead, one of the things every town and city does is decide its “Newspaper of Record.”

Guest editorial: Health care alarm bells should be ringing

As an emergency doctor and a longtime observer of how policy decisions play out on the front line, I can say that the despair rings absolutely true, and should ring alarm bells at the highest levels. 

Guest editorial: Yes, Virginia

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age.

Guest editorial: All the news that isn’t fit to print; a destructive digital revolution

We here in the United States have taken the quality of journalism in this country for granted for far too long.

Guest editorial: How you can help protect our democracy

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Over the past few weeks, I have given considerable thought to the message I want to convey to Vermonters on this important topic.

Guest editorial: Suggested use for ARPA funds

My challenge to all of you is this: How do we restore not only the buildings themselves, but their use, their purpose and their pride?

Guest editorial: ‘Offensive and shocking:’ We better come to terms with solar panels soon

This is a story of a state that’s failing to understand we’re actually in a climate emergency, and continuing with business that looks a lot like usual.

Guest editorial: COVID spreading again; time to take precautions

On Aug. 7 Vermont recorded 112 cases of COVID-19, at the time the highest single-day count since April 29. I was one of those cases, and the third person in my family to test positive to COVID with a breakthrough case in early August.All three of us who d … (read more)

Guest editorial: Vermont’s civic future is at risk

As Vermonters, we are fortunate to have a state government that believes voting is a right, not a privilege. One that takes seriously the Constitutional command to carefully protect the right to vote; the right from which all other rights flow.Online vote … (read more)

Guest editorial: Critique of Critical Race Theory not based in fact

Like science, history is an ever-emerging narrative based on curiosity, exploration, discovery, debate and interpretation. But like science (and journalism), it must be informed by fact.The recent screed by former gubernatorial candidate John Klar of Broo … (read more)

Guest editorial: When should juveniles be adults?

Gov. Phil Scott’s only veto of the 2021 session is of a bill (S.107) that would raise from 19 to 20 the age before which the identity, arrest and criminal charge of young adults must be kept confidential. The governor opposes the bill because it would “ra … (read more)

Guest editorial: Legislature resists kicking pension plan down the road

The Legislature has before it — at long last — a proposal to address the solvency of the state’s pension system. There is nothing in the proposal for anyone to like. It’s full of pain and regret and expense. It’s the embodiment of what happens when a prob … (read more)

Guest editorial: Broadband: A national imperative

A few years back, I remember attending an author event at Bixby Library in Vergennes. It was after hours and the library was closed except to guests. As I entered, I passed a cluster of young kids dressed against the cold huddling on the granite steps in … (read more)