Guest editorial: Legislature’s nonsensical education reform plans should be dropped

The impending 17 percent increase in property taxes has our elected leaders on the political edge, thinking they are about to be tarred by the taxpayers’ brush and that doing something, anything, would be better than doing nothing. They are wrong.

Guest editorial: Income inequality solutions

Our capitalistic economy is often thrown up as the major cause of the income gap between the rich and not so rich. I think that is a bunch of bunk.

Guest editorial: UVMHN CEO cites optimism, opportunity… and urgency

As we begin a new year, and as I embark on my second year as CEO of the University of Vermont Health Network, I feel a sense of both optimism and urgency.

Guest editorial: Yes, Virginia

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age.

Guest editorial: Justice for Palestinians and security for Israel

There have been five wars in the last 15 years between Israel and Hamas. How do we end the current one and prevent a sixth from happening, sooner or later?

Guest editorial: Wake boats just too onerous

I recently retired as the state botanist in the Fish and Wildlife Department, where I served for over 30 years. In that time I have reviewed many permits for aquatic nuisance control and stream alteration.

Guest editorial: College sees firsthand the impact of ‘deaths of despair’

Premature deaths produce an intense, unyielding force of overwhelming sadness. This is where we find ourselves at Middlebury College.

Guest editorial: Gov. Scott is MIA on health care issues

There is no shortage of complexity involved in Vermont’s healthcare reform project. Act 48, passed by the Legislature in 2011 ran to 141 pages.

Guest editorial: Democracy, autocracy and the U.S.A.

The major issue here is that democracies, where they exist, are open to every conceivable crazy political idea. Autocracies, however, are open only to ideas that are approved by the Ruler.

Guest editorial: Can Trump be kept off the Vt. primary ballot this March?

In the country’s 234 years, no American current or former president has been indicted on either the federal or state level. On Aug. 1, 2023, a federal grand jury indicted Donald Trump. Currently, he has been indicted by four grand juries, two federal and … (read more)

Guest editorial: Vergennes anti-trans talk included blatant falsehoods

A 2018 study by Lane et al. of gender-affirming procedures performed on insured patients between 2009 and 2015 found only a 5.8% rate of complications across all gender-affirming surgeries.

Guest editorial: Legislature dealt with a large number of vetoes

Last week, the legislature reconvened for a special summer veto session — a time to review the bills that the governor vetoed and vote on whether those vetoes should be overridden.

Guest editorial: VT Saves will have a big impact without a big price

Saving for retirement should be easy, but tens of thousands of Vermont workers lack access to a workplace retirement plan.

Guest editorial: Truth to power(lines)

The electric power industry has not been known for rapid changes in technology, thinking, or standards of practice.

Guest editorial: Transform Ryegate, Yankee for jobs and for the climate

Here is the gist of recent recommendations to the Vermont Climate Council calling for the profitable renovation of Vermont’s two wood plants, McNeil and Ryegate, thereby transforming them into negative-emission power and storage stations.