Guest editorial: DCF loses 30 out of 30 appeal cases; where’s the outrage?

That’s not just astounding, it’s proof positive that the system is broken, that it needs changing.

Guest editorial: Will ‘density’ become a dirty word in Vermont?

When does a former town moderator, after decades of public service, jump out of retirement to join his town’s Planning Commission? 

Guest editorial: Affordable Heat Act offers lower costs, less pollution

The average price of fuel oil in Vermont last month was $4.40/gallon.  That’s over two dollars per gallon higher than just two years ago.

Gov. Scott: Civility, respect in the public square

I understand the passion surrounding sports, but it’s clear we have a problem, and we should not tolerate the hate.

Lt. Gov. Zuckerman: Let’s work hard like sugarmakers

On Jan. 5, I was sworn in as Vermont’s 83rd Lieutenant Governor. I wanted to share with you an abbreviated version of the remarks I gave to the Senate after I officially stepped into this familiar role.

Guest editorial: Free CCV tuition is key to building Vermont’s workforce

We’ve long known that the most promising jobs in Vermont require education and training beyond high school. Yet too often, Vermonters seeking that education and workforce training cannot afford it.

Guest editorial: Traditional Medicare is under attack

I’ve spent my professional life as a primary care pediatrician, mostly in Vermont. Now I’m retired and the beneficiary of Medicare. 

Guest editorial: The peril of OneCare’s failure

Last week the regulators made a point of asking OneCare’s leadership if it could justify its $15 million budget request. It could not. Not satisfactorily.

Guest editorial: Dangerous misinformation on abortion

There is not currently, nor will there be due to Article 22, any provider or facility in Vermont doing elective terminations beyond the gestational age of 21 weeks, six days, with 22 weeks being the currently accepted threshold of viability.

Guest editorial: Climate change is humankind’s biggest uncontrolled experiment

There is no such thing as cold. That might sound idiotic coming from a Vermonter, but it’s true. In actuality there is only heat — and more or less of it.

Guest editorial: The role of Vermont’s federal delegation

Sen. Leahy’s announcement that he would not seek re-election upended the Vermont political landscape and with it Vermonters face a significant change in leadership. As voters head to the polls it is worth reflecting on the role of our federal delegation a … (read more)

Guest editorial: A chink in Balint’s campaign

Becca Balint, a Democratic candidate for Vermont’s U.S. House seat, acts as if the rules do not apply to her. That should raise questions about the integrity of Ms. Balint’s campaign.

Guest editorial: The Supreme Court’s biggest lie

As the author of stories about a teenager who hops into the American past, I’ve thought deeply about the 1800s, and I’d like to offer a few thoughts to our Supreme Court justices.

Guest editorial: Vermont has found new tools to make COVID disappear

Right now, the distressing reality faced by these vulnerable Vermonters is that public policy no longer has their backs — instead, public policy has pushed them further into the shadows where they cannot be seen or heard.

Guest editorial: Shootings are the convulsions of a society in decline

It is senseless, right? But what seems “senseless” to the witness observing it, frighteningly, must be sensible to the mind filled with hate and fear and clouded by illness. It is both sick and sickening.