Greentree Real Estate welcomes Lincoln native back home

Bianca Perta has joined the ranks of Monkton’s Greentree Real Estate.

Malzac joins Greentree Real Estate

MONKTON — Kirsten Malzac has joined the team at Greentree Real Estate in Monkton. Malzac comes from several generations of Vermonters and has lived in Vermont her whole life. She grew up in Monkton, went to Johnson State College to earn an associate’s deg … (read more)

Casco becomes partner at Greentree Real Estate

MONKTON — Bill and Phyllis Martin have announced that Margo Casco is joining them as owners of Greentree Real Estate of Monkton. Casco, a native of Charlotte who graduated from the University of Vermont, joined Greentree in September 2017 and continues to … (read more)

Kittell joins Greentree Real Estate

MONTKON — Greentree Real Estate recently announced Lindsay Kittell as its 10th licensed real estate agent. Kittell grew up in Bristol and currently resides in Starksboro with her husband and teenage son. Since she graduated from Champlain College in 2001, … (read more)

Melinda Morse joins Greentree Real Estate

MONKTON — Greentree Real Estate has welcomed Melinda Morse as its ninth licensed Real Estate Agent. Melinda, a longtime Addison County resident, lives in New Haven and has managed Vergennes Dental for over 30 years. Her skills of managing schedules, paper … (read more)