Environmentalists call for low-emission electricity from socially just sources

BILL MCKIBBEN VERMONT — The grassroots climate justice organization 350Vermont is seeking to pressure utilities to sell energy using renewable sources while producing fewer or no greenhouse gasses. The organization will do this by ratcheting up pressure on legislature to tighten up the state’s Renewable Energy Standard. 350Vermont and its volunteers from across the state will host a Tuesday, Nov. 28, press conference in the statehouse in Montpelier with a video message from Bill McKibben and remarks (live) … (read more)

Local greenhouse gas emissions going up

Addison County is not making measurable progress in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and now faces a tougher task in meeting local reduction goals by 2030 — according to a study published last month by the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison Cou … (read more)

What the Clean Heat Standard will address

The Clean Heat Standard bill looks to regulate greenhouse gasses coming from biofuels, wood and electricity.