Victory gardens are on the rise

In response to food insecurity issues arising from the COIVD-19 pandemic, the University of Vermont (UVM) Extension Master Gardener program is initiating the Vermont Victory Garden project, designed to help people impacted by food insecurity to meet those needs, as well as learn critical skills in a healthy environment, by growing some of their own food. In a society driven by high-speed technology and worship of the “new,” few phrases have the enduring positive impact in the American lexicon as one that se … (read more)

Garden: Keep your compost alive during the winter

While you might think that cold temperatures keep a compost pile from composting, that is not the case. In my winter compost pile I regularly achieve temperatures in excess of 130 degrees Fahrenheit even when it’s in the low teens or single digits at nigh … (read more)

Go ‘low’ to extend and protect your garden

Low tunnels are the contemporary version of the “cold boxes,” made out of windows and wood frames, which older generation gardeners used to start plants early in the season. They are also every bit as good for extending your season well into the fall and … (read more)

Garden: Keeping ahead of powdery mildew

If you’ve ever lost a nice zucchini plant or a crop of cucumbers or melons to this white fungus, then you know the heartbreak of powdery mildew. It is a plant disease that looks like its name. It starts as small white circles that look like talcum powder, … (read more)