Letter to the editor: Those weren’t Canada geese

The article about Canada Geese was especially interesting. However, the photos published with this article are of Snow Geese, not Canada Geese.

Letter to the editor: Where have all the waterfowl gone this spring?

Where is all the honking and splashing on Otter Creek, the signs of spring that usually come as a relief from the existential dread of yet another winter with temperatures too warm, with mud season too soon?

Ways of seeing: Geese offer a lesson in caring

There is a small pond on our farm, created many years ago when we had a shallow dug well and worried about running out of water for the sheep. Over the years, the pond has afforded much pleasure after hot days of haying or just lazing during the beautiful … (read more)

Faith Gong: Geese-eye view

My daughters began digging the hole on the first weekend of October.  The large window over our kitchen sink is my window on the world — or the world of our backyard, at least. It was from this vantage point that I spotted three of my daughters hard at wo … (read more)