Guest editorial: Income inequality solutions

Our capitalistic economy is often thrown up as the major cause of the income gap between the rich and not so rich. I think that is a bunch of bunk.

Community Forum: Markers remind us of human race

What happens to us when we die? There are two ways to look at this. One is philosophical, religious, the other is earthlier.

Letter to the editor: We’re swimming in money, but could we drown?

The pandemic stimulus provided by the federal government and The Inflation Reduction Act have injected close to $6.7 trillion into the U.S. economy over a three-year period.

Letter to the editor: State’s pension plans in peril

As Legislators search for monies to fund their priorities this coming session, they may do well to re-examine the teachers and state employees pension plans. 

Letter to the editor: State GOP must eschew Trump to regain relevancy

The recent election was a disaster for the Vermont Republican Party.

Community forum: Affordable housing ideas

Despite recent efforts, in our state and nationally, to reduce the housing affordability crunch, it is quite likely we will be in the same discouraging housing situation 20 years from now as we are today unless we make substantial changes to the way we do … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Lower the temperature by using nuclear power

When I was a kid, the nuclear age had just begun. Nuclear-powered ships were being developed, as was nuclear-power electricity generation, and of course there was the school air raid drills that had us diving under our desks for protection.

Letter to the editor: Pupil weighting recommendations in question

In December a group of eight legislators will present pupil weighting recommendations as instructed by the legislature.

Letter to the editor: Effects of government intervention TBD

It seems odd going about the activities of daily life, albeit with a mask on, while our country is undergoing an economic revolution. The Treasury has injected over 3.5 trillion dollars, and the Federal Reserve is prepared to loan or buy loans up to 4 tri … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Open schools this fall and innovate

Education can be a great equalizer for many of our youth. Missing three-plus months of school this spring is a setback. This is especially true for the young students who are challenged doing schoolwork. School closing exacerbates an already bad situation … (read more)