Fort Ti ferry ownership resolved

Cornwall resident Jack Doyle has secured ownership of the historic Fort Ticonderoga Ferry and is targeting May 8 or 9 to return the ferry to service after a more than year-long hiatus.

Fort Ti ferry eyes a return to Champlain

Cornwall resident Jack Doyle has received permission through United States District Court in Burlington to assume management of the now-dormant Fort Ticonderoga Ferry.

What’s up with Fort Ti Ferry? Ask the courts

A part-time Cornwall resident is hoping to acquire and resurrect the historic Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, which has remained dormant this year due to a legal dispute that was recently transferred to U.S. District Court.

No rides on Shoreham’s Fort Ti ferry yet

SHOREHAM — The Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, which provides 7-minute-long ferry rides across Lake Champlain from Shoreham, Vt., to Ticonderoga, N.Y., has not yet reopened this summer.Longtime ferry owners Michael and Alison Matot this past winter sold the ferry … (read more)