Vermont updates fishing regulations

Vermont’s fishing regulations will look different on Jan. 1, 2022. But don’t worry, most of the new regulations have been simplified and provide additional fishing opportunities.

Matthew Dickerson: Local, free-range, and antibiotic-free

“Any luck?” It’s a common question one hears when fishing. I’m sure I’ve asked it as often as I’ve heard it.

Let’s Go Fishing seeks instructors

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is seeking volunteers to become “Let’s Go Fishing” instructors and pass on Vermont’s fishing tradition to the next generation of Vermonters. The department will be hosting a one-day training workshop f … (read more)

Junior Fishing Derby starts this weekend

VERGENNES — This year the annual Vergennes Junior Fishing Derby, which seeks to introduce young people to the benefits and enjoyment of fishing and to encourage them to share the sport with others, is going virtual. The event will begin on Saturday, June … (read more)

Matthew Dickerson: Big boat, small lake

It’s the day before my birthday. I stand on the bow of my brother’s new boat. Since he moved from Alaska back to coastal Maine a few years ago, he’s been looking for a motorboat for Casco Bay. Something he and his wife could use to hop among the bay’s num … (read more)

Free Fishing Day is June 12

MONTPELIER — Vermont’s annual statewide Summer Free Fishing Day is Saturday, June 12, this year, which will also be opening day of the regular bass fishing season.“Vermont’s Free Fishing Day gives anglers the opportunity to go fishing without a license fo … (read more)

Matthew Dickerson: Signs of trout abound

I took my dog for a short walk this afternoon. As I circled back through the woods into my yard from the opposite side, a small patch of vibrant yellow drew my attention. The first two dandelions of the spring had popped up and were on full display. Direc … (read more)

Trout season opens on April 10

MONTPELIER — Vermont’s traditional trout fishing season opens Saturday, April 10, and despite lingering snow cover, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says anglers can still have fun and be successful early in the season while following COVID-19 saf … (read more)

Wildlife Department to simplify fishing rules

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department wants to make it easier for people to go fishing by simplifying its fishing regulations. Fishing regulations have become increasingly complex over time as amendments were added, making the rules more d … (read more)

Matthew Dickerson: Fishing porn and the year that wasn’t

My good friend David O’Hara introduced me to the term “fish porn.” At the time, we were collaborating on our 2014 book “Downstream: Reflections on Brook Trout, Fly Fishing, and the Waters of Appalachia” (Cascade Books). Contrary to what some might imagine … (read more)

Matthew Dickerson: Catching trout in tough conditions

I was working on an article about a couple Vermont trout streams for a national fly fishing magazine. The story required some photos, which meant I needed another angler to go fishing with me and be the subject of those photos. Since I also wanted some tr … (read more)

Remember these rules for state fishing areas

The COVID pandemic has affected our lives in many ways, and if you have gone fishing or launched a boat at one of Vermont’s state fishing access areas recently, you may know that they are getting a lot of use this year The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Depart … (read more)

Matt Dickerson: One month, one river

I’ll admit to distrusting my memory these days. (What day of the week is it?) Last week seems like months ago, and May seems like a year ago. The middle of March might as well be several years ago. And 2019? Could be a different lifetime.  So when I say i … (read more)

Matt Dickerson: A fisherman gets a birthday surprise

I walked out on the dock, set down my fly rod and my blue canvas boat bag with my boxes of flies and fly-fishing gear, and went back inside for a canoe paddle and seat cushion. When I returned to the dock, I found sitting on my bag a beautiful two-tailed … (read more)

Panton seeks donations for Lake Champlain boat ramp

PANTON — The town of Panton is seeking between $3,000 and $4,000 in donations to complete a deep-water boat ramp in Arnold Bay, a project that has been years in the making. Selectboard Chairman Howard Hall and Town Clerk Pam Correia said many donations ar … (read more)