Controversial bill on Vermont wildlife fails

Over the last several years, a debate over how to manage wildlife has become a symbol of a broader cultural divide in Vermont. During the recently concluded legislative session, that debate culminated in S.258, a bill that would have changed the state’s wildlife management structure. 

Fish & Wildlife bill gets mixed reviews

At Monday’s Legislative Breakfast, local hunting and trapping enthusiasts grilled Sen. Chris Bray on bill S.258, which proposes to transfer the authority to adopt rules for the taking of fish, wildlife and fur-bearing animals from the Fish & Wildlife Boar … (read more)

Tips for a safe turkey hunt

Hunting safely during Vermont’s spring turkey hunting seasons is easy if you follow tips issued by Vermont Fish and Wildlife.

Six loose cows shot dead in Orwell (updated)

ORWELL — Six loose cows appear to have been shot and killed Friday night in Orwell, according to a press release issued by Vermont State Police Saturday. The cows had been running wild most of the summer and fall, said Brian Kemp, who owns Mountain Meadow … (read more)