Faith Gong: Of toddlers and teens

Three-year-olds and teenagers, as it turns out, aren’t all that different.

Faith Gong: The November of middle age

Now, my experience of middle age may not be universal, but in my experience middle age is when your heart breaks and stays broken.

Faith Gong: The dog days of autumn

This morning, my 11-year-old daughter said, “I don’t know why, but I’m not really feeling excited about anything right now,” and I thought to myself: Me, too. 

Faith Gong: Story of my life

Perhaps because I’m a writer and a lover of literature, it’s been helpful for me to view life in terms of story.

Faith Gong: We all fall down

“Mommy, what do two lines mean?” my nine-year-old daughter called across the kitchen. And just like that, the Bad Thing entered our house

Faith Gong: Lessons from a paddleboard

It’s an obvious metaphor, but it’s true: Where you look is where you’ll go.

Faith Gong: Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall!

I need to come clean: Although I’ve written on this topic in a variety of ways before, I’ve always beat around the bush, obscured my true feelings, tried to be polite. But I think it’s time to be honest, to come right out and say it: I don’t like summer.

Faith Gong: Surf City … with kids

I am typing this from a desk in our Airbnb rental house in Huntington Beach, California: a beige stucco bungalow in a residential neighborhood of tightly packed stucco bungalows surrounded by high walls. There are three palm trees in the front yard. The b … (read more)

Faith Gong: The wedding of my decade

At the end of July, I attended a friend’s wedding in Indianapolis. Sounds simple, right? Friends, if anything was ever simple, these days nothing is simple.

Faith Gong: On the End of the World (With a Book Recommendation)

We may not be able to stop the end of the world, but I don’t believe for a minute that we can’t make the world a better place in the meantime.

Faith Gong: On change and summer

Just like that, time moves on. The leaves cover up the evidence of a pandemic that shook our world for over two years; a dump truck carries away the last remnants of the tornado that rocked our neighborhood.

Faith Gong: The birds… and the bees

It wasn’t the first time a bird had become stuck in our woodstove; this had happened twice before.

Faith Gong: My kids, in the middle of the lake

On two hot days Faith and family loaded up two vehicles with assorted children, grandparents, a deflated kayak and paddleboard, and a portable pump, and headed out to Branbury Beach State Park on Lake Dunmore.

Faith Gong: The family that bikes together

Our family’s pandemic coping strategies have failed to follow national – or even logical – trends. We were already living in Vermont, homeschooling, gardening, and keeping chickens when COVID-19 hit, so we had many of the boxes checked already.

Faith Gong: Back to all that

Our columnist spent the majority of her 20s in Manhattan. Years after leaving she returned recently with a 14-year-old daughter to revisit old stomping grounds.