Early Childhood Guide: The state of Vermont’s children

Each year, Building Bright Futures and Vermont’s Early Childhood Data and Policy Center release a report on the well-being of young children and families in Vermont.

Early Childhood Guide: This outdoor classroom provides tools for social-emotional learning

Beneath a tree, at the edge of our outdoor classroom, there is a blanket with a box filled with self-regulation tools. There is a feelings chart, a breathing ball, books, and sensory toys.

Early Childhood Guide: Reading to your child is a lifelong gift

One of my favorite times of day as a parent is curling up with my kids to read to them at bedtime. In addition to being a rare time in our busy lives when we can have a quiet moment together, this routine helps ensure that my kids are exposed to books and … (read more)

Early Childhood Guide: Childcare tuition assistance for more Vermont families

Progress toward Vermont’s childcare solution is underway as Act 76 rolls out. This year, over 7,000 more families will become eligible for childcare tuition assistance from the state. Here’s what you need to know.

Early childhood guide: Local ECE networks provide support and connection

Childcare directors and family home providers have access to local networks that provide time for collegiality and connections every month.

Jen Olson: Giving voice to our educator identity

I’m going to let you in on a … not so little secret. Those terms are out of date. Whether you call it school, preschool or by its official name, “early childhood education” — it’s education and we’re early childhood educators.